Evictions and Lease

The Law Firm T & R offers advice and assistance in the field of rent, including the drafting and verification of leases, both for civil and commercial use and more generally on all matters that may arise from the interpretation or execution of them, as in case of the lessee who interrupts the payments or does not free the property once the contract has ceased, or in the case of tenant at sufferance.

We provide assistance in order to obtain from the judge an eviction notice, or a provision for releasing the property, with support to the Client until the return of the property.

In particular, the Firm lends its support trying to resolve the dispute by settling out of court and, if this is not possible, proceed with judicial protection in order to free the property and recover the sums unjustly not received.

The eviction procedure usually does not last less than a year, so it is essential to act as soon as the contract or the law allows it.