Family and Minors

The Law Firm offers assistance and legal advice in case of consensual and judicial divorce, providing the client with all the support necessary to obtain the best conditions in terms of custody and placement of the children, terms for the visit, assignment of the family house, child-support checks, and so on. In cases of cohabitation more uxorio, the best solutions to regulate the relationship with the children are identified, always focusing on their welfare.

In this area and in all the proceedings concerning the minors, both civil and criminal, we take advantage of the precious collaboration with Dr. Eleonora Russo, psychologist and psychotherapist.

Another topic dealt with by the Firm is the support given in the cases in which a person is unable, even temporarily, to manage his personal and/or property interests. The lawyers take care of the presentation of the appeal and follow each stage of the process, until the moment when an Administrator is appointed by the Court. If necessary, we provide assistance even after this phase.

The Firm also deals with recognition and disowning of fatherhood and motherhood, adoptions, stalking and mistreatment within the family.