Civil Liability

The Law Firm T & R provides legal advice and assistance within the various areas concerning civil liability and compensation for damages, both in the case of contractual liability and non-contractual one.

In particular, our lawyers deal with lawsuits for compensation:

• against doctors and health facilities for cases of medical malpractice;
• against Public Administrations or individuals (natural or legal persons) for damages caused by fraudulent or negligent conducts, as well as things in custody;
• against the State in the cases of an excessive duration of the trial, judicial error and unjust imprisonment;
• against Managing Directors because of bad management and against the Supervisory Board as a consequence of the omission of their duties;
• against Tour Operators because of damages for ruined holidays;

• against the Employer in the cases of the demotion of an employee, mobbing and straining.

In order to estimate the prejudices suffered by the injured, the Lawyers of the Firm make use of external technical consultants (legal doctors, accountants, engineers, etc.)