Enviromental Law

The Law Firm T & R provides legal advice in litigation on environmental law in front of administrative, civil and criminal jurisdictions - as well as in environmental ADR procedures.

As far as technical evaluations are concerned, our lawyers avail themselves of the precious collaboration of Fabio Buoso, a specialist in the forest and environmental sector.

In particular, the firm deals with the following activities:

• environmental litigation;
• environmental authorizations;
• environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental and impact assessments;
• protection of cultural heritage and landscape (environmental, architectural and landscape constraints);
•environmental remediation of polluted sites and protection against pollution;
• water, atmospheric, acoustic, light and electromagnetic pollution;
• waste management and disposal, illicit waste traffic, illegal landfills;
• industries at risk of major accidents, “Seveso directive”;
• food legislation and GMOs;
• agricultural law;
• consumer protection.