The Law Firm T&R, with its lawyers Tamola and Russo, provides judicial and out-of-court legal advice on commercial law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, civil liability, road accidents, family and minors, property rights, inheritance, condo, evictions and rental services, e-commerce, labor law, criminal law, international law and protection of animals and of the environment.

It is projected towards an international dimension; in fact, the firm’s philosophy is the execution of the legal action in synergy with professionals having proven skills, who work in other countries of the European Union and all over the world.

The Firm also stands out for the particular attention it gives to debt collection, where advice to the Client is provided on the basis of a detailed analysis of the type of the receivable and the debtor’s creditworthiness, as well as on the most appropriate and prudent strategy to follow in order to maximize credit recovery.

The Client portfolio is represented by individuals and companies of various sizes, which are offered practical and efficient solutions, guaranteeing them a relationship of close trust, an immediacy of services, clarity and confidentiality, according to the style that characterizes the professional activity of each lawyer of the Firm.

The offices of the Firm are based in Milan and Parma. In Milan, they are in front of the City Court, while in Parma they are along the central street “Strada della Repubblica”.


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