Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

The law firm T & R provides judicial and out of court legal advice in the field of compensation for motor vehicle accidents.

Firstly, the lawyers proceed to open the dossier with the insurance company by sending a letter requesting the payment of the amount due for compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages suffered, attaching all the necessary documents.

Afterwards, in the case of physical damage, lawyers agree with the insurance company a medical examination aimed at ascertaining the seriousness of the accident and any long-term effects.

Then, the lawyers check together with the client and, if necessary, together with the medical examiner, the payment proposals of the insurance company, evaluating whether to act judicially or not.

It is good to remind that the owner of the vehicle, the driver and the insurance company are jointly liable for damages. (Art. 2054 of the Civil Code).

In some cases (a collision between vehicles with only damage to property or persons not exceeding 9%), the injured party can directly submit a claim for compensation to his insurance company (Art. 148 of the Insurance Code).

In case the accident involves a third party, the latter has the right to act directly against the insurance company of the vehicle on which he was transported at the time of the accident (Art. 148 of the Insurance Code).